Organic Black Tea TEABAGS

"MILANA-BioOrganic-Tea ... the tea that tastes like love" - you will be amazed !!!

Multi-award winning, hand-picked Ceylon Premium Organic Black Tea TEABAGS, award-winning, internationally acclaimed and awarded by the world's most prestigious organic producer associations, with heatsealed bags, certified organic, with laboratory purity test report and 10 percent aid for CHILDREN'S ASSISTANCE

The largest part of the price is made up of 25 times higher payments of the local private tea plucker community and
in addition, 10% of the sales proceeds go directly into the social helping tea project "Idulgashinna" in Sri Lanka!
Thank you very much for your support!

And remember, that even the purchase of one kilogram of MILANA-BIOTEA, is the guarantee to finance the school one year long for one tamil teapluckers child.
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